I was lucky enough to have the chance to work in this awesome project for Motion Design School designing the whole crew of crazy characters, horses, the beautiful unicorn and the weird flies teaming up with the awesome and the greatest Ana Palmira Perez and it was of the most amazing works I ever done, so silly, so crazy, so FUN! Check the video below!

Here you can see some of the designs we created, I hope you like it as much as we enjoyed working on the creation of this crazy but lovely crew and their Universe:

Look how they modelled in 3D, is MAGIC!

And also, Ana and me did an online course for them, showing the whole process of the creation of the characters, from the scratch to the final art, ready to model them! You can check the course here:


Director: Iaroslav Kononov
Storyboard:Iaroslav Kononov
Character Design: Ana Perez, Jordi Villaverde
Background illustrations: Renaud Lavency

Motion Design: Iaroslav Kononov, Denys Bondartsov
3D Modeling: Pasha Ho, Max Kravchenko

Ihor Kharlamov, Nazar Noshchenko
2D Animation: Andre Dias, Taras Kharechko
3D Animation: Victor Abrmovskiy

VFX: Alexandr Kratinov, Oleg Sadovnichiy

Render: Dmitry Fomichov

Post-Production: Alexandr Kratinov
Compositing: Iaroslav Kononov, Max Kravchenko
Sound Design: Daruma Audio


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